Movin’ on up from an overstuffed closet and adjoining hallway over ten years ago, I’m now stationed in the family office (finally, my own room!).

(Here is a more current thought on my craft room. The following really has meaning, so, I’ll leave the original post!)

This is where the creativity occurs. Sometimes it spills into the dinning room or the living room. Thanks to my husband, my room has green walls and hardwood flooring.

Most of the time the room is lived in – I mean, I work in here so it is not always the tidiest of rooms. I decided to take some pictures and share anyway – after all you never trust a skinny cook, why should you trust a stamper with a clean and tidy room????? I mean really?

Want to get punched? As you can see, I LOVE punches – no, really, I love punches! And, I have other, smaller punches in a drawer, on the floor, and on the desk………..This IS really the best way to store punches if you have the space. Mine are behind a door. The wall area is about 4 inches perfect! And, the curtain rods were less than $2.00 each! They could have been a little closer together to accommodate more – but,  I never thought I would collect soo many……….

Next to the punch wall, is my Stenstorp (it’s from Ikea). This is one of my desks and main work areas. It is bar height – which works well for me since I am short! I work on the other side in the space between this and the wall/window. The small white drawers have all my paper scraps separated into color families. On the shelves below are miscellaneous supplies, cards, paper, cans…….punches…….If you look closely, you can see my stamp sets in a bookcase behind.

Up on the wall, the space-saving flat tv is nice because I can watch it or listen to music real close by.

This is my bookcase of stamps. Well, some – the majority of my stamps. I have them labeled to find easily as well as the retired ones marked. The bookcase was a great find at only $19.99! I have another one on the other side of the window with books and other things i think I must have…….

These are my paper racks. They hold 12×12 paper. I got them from Hobby Lobby (I have connections, thanks, Mom!). They are really sturdy. Right now, they are pretty empty because I have removed all of the retiring Stampin’ Up colors. I needed to see where I was at in what I had. I actually have 2 more of these racks in another room – I just do not know how to incorporate them in here yet. One day………..

7 thoughts on “STAMPIN’ SPACE

  1. I need ideas on how to organize my craft room. Thanks for sharing your room. The book cases with stamp sets is a good idea and I do like the punch storage..Look like curtain rods..

  2. How did you hang the curtain rods up and put that much weight on them & they not come out of the wall?? Those tiny nails usually can’t take that much weight…ummm. Great idea .. I wanna do that.


    • In order to support the weight, the rods are slid into each other to make them stronger. Because of the width of the wall, we were able to use the smallest rod. So that the screws did not work themselves out, we used plugs, we have sheetrock walls. Let me know if you have anymore questions-

    • Thanks Carole for taking a look. I appreciate you taking time to leave a comment. More tips to come, like those white trays…..stay tuned.

  3. Your room looks great, does it have to double as a guest room like mine does? How do you store/display your wooden stamps? I have mine in plastic boxes on shelf with doors but I never SEE them so forget them. Am trying to find something like your curtain rods to display them so I use them (I have many.) Am wondering about picture rails perhaps? I don’t have much wall space left in my hobby/guest room though….hm. How do you handle it. Thanks for sharing!

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