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Five Card Plus Friday, July

I’m in the middle of prepping for a Card Buffet this weekend – house cleaning, card cutting, food making – you know how that goes.

But, I wanted to share the swaps I’ve received from a monthly swap I participate in. Actually, it’s 2 groups, but I lump them together.

I’m still waiting on some cards. Here is what I have so far in no particular order –

libbystamps, stampin up

Carolyn F.

libbystamps, stampin up

Joanne M.

libbystamps, stampin up

Nancy B.

libbystamps, stampin up

Holly O.

libbystamps, stampin up

Robin S.

libbystamps, stampin up

Melissa C.

libbystamps, stampin up

Lynnette M.

Quite a nice variety of cards I’ve received!

Thanks ladies for the wonderful ideas! Looking forward to receiving the rest, 12 in all, and seeing the others ideas.

Back to the Card Buffet work…..

Happy Stampin’

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