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Makings of a Card Buffet

I had two fabulous Card Buffets on Sunday. Yes. Back to back.

I often have people inquiring ‘what‘ is a Card Buffet. After they attend, after the WOW, it’s how’d you do that?

I hope to answer some of that here.

First off, like the name implies, buffet, people choose what they want to make and how many of each. I generally make eight items to choose from.

libbystamps, Card Buffet, Stampin Up

This is my March Buffet Board. I only post the board to Facebook on the Friday of class day or weekend.

The cards are my creations, my designs. Very rarely do I copy another persons card.

I love to share my creativity with others. Four card classes are so limiting for me. I like people to play with, use and see what all Stampin’ Up has to offer whether they create the whole Buffet board or not. At least they can see it.

libbystamps, Card Buffet, Stampin Up

Prior to the class, after designing, I cut each card I designed a number of supply packets. It contains everything needed to make that card, even an envelope! It’s placed in a numbered bag. That corresponds with the board number and box number.

libbystamps, Card Buffet, Stampin Up

My numbered supply boxes have the directions, a second sample, stamps, inks, punches – whatever is needed to create that card.

libbystamps, Card Buffet, Stampin Up

What’s not in there are items requiring the Big Shot. Those are on my counter because it’s nice and sturdy.

libbystamps, Card Buffet, Stampin Up

The dies and framelits are on numbered magnetic cards (yes, corresponding to the numbered card, box and supply bag) as well, I number the embossing folders too.

libbystamps, Card Buffet, Stampin Up

Because the tabs on the Big Shot platform can be confusing, I color coded mine. The color corresponds to the tab that should be visible when using that item – die, embossing folder, large die or framelit. Yes, it sounds anal, but it makes it easy when these items are used. Consistency helps people to learn the tabs too.

It really sounds like a lot. It’s really not. I organized this the very first time this way and I’ve kept up with it. It just works for me!

libbystamps, Card Buffet, Stampin Up

At the other end of the counter with the Big Shot, I have snacks. Everyone needs fuel to craft. Or just because. This time I did fancy waters, strawberry, cucumber, and lemon! They were a hit!

libbystamps, Card Buffet, Stampin Up

I have three tables set up. Each place has a half of a desk mat for an even surface and grid paper – a must have in my opinion! Right after I took this picture, I added foam squares I cut for more even stamping.

libbystamps, Card Buffet, Stampin Up

Each table center has a stamp cleaner tray, trash bucket, and a basket with adhesives, tape, scissors, pencil, bone folder, eraser, dimensionals…..nothing left out to complete the projects.

Whew. It’s a lot, right?

Now, I do have ‘leftovers’. The left over kits I try to sell. What’s left from that, some I make and the rest I break down for future class use. Most of the time I use Whisper White, Very vanilla, or Crumb Cake bases. Makes future use a snap!

Sometimes I repeat cards, just depends. I also have a sample basket from blog postings, swaps, creations and misc, cards I’ve created or received for people to see.

Of course, order forms, and catalogs are out too.

I think that just about covers everything!

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts – I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Stampin’

2 thoughts on “Makings of a Card Buffet

  1. Hello! Fellow demo here. I’m hosting my first ever card buffet and as I was checking things out, I bumped into your webpage. You gave me some great ideas on how to get this event organized and prepared in order to help out our event attendees and make it a pleasant experience! Thank you for the tips and tricks!

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