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12 Treats for Halloween, Treat 5

Today is sort of a flashback Friday for my treat five.

Remember when I did these? It was soooo long ago. They’ve always been my favorite. So I recreated it –

libbystamps, Stampin' Up, Happy Haunting DSP, Six Sayings Stamp Set, Cellophane Bags, Handheld Stapler,

Can you say A D O R A B L E ???

You see the ghost marshmallow and chocolate bar, but there is also a graham behind them. It’s hiding.

And, again, easy easy. And, SO much fun!!!

I used our cello bags – the best – and our Handheld Stapler. Tip – place the rough closure part of the staple towards the front. Why? You’re going to cover it anyway, and, more importantly, it’s smooth to the tough on the back! Duh.

You know, if you’re liking all these treats and tips I’ve shown you, you can order supplies from me to recreate them!

Either way, go make a treat or card and make someones day!

Happy Halloweenin’

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