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Pleasing Photopolymer Organization

That’s a mouthful to say! Let alone write!

With these photopolymer stamp sets, I get frustrated with wanting to stamp with them, and I have to pull the two sheets apart to get to the stamp I need.

libbystamps, Stampin' Up, stampinup

Sometimes, I do miss the days of the wood blocks and just going to the stamp set and stamping. Not having to fool around with the blocks, adhering it – it was ready to go.

All my photopolymer sets I have taken them apart and reconfigured them in the cases.

libbystamps, Stampin' Up, stampinup I remove the clear sheet. I slip the printed sheet between the case and the outer protective sleeve. It’s taped in place. Really high-tech. I remove the stamps from the clear sheet and placed them inside the case.

libbystamps, Stampin' Up, stampinup Now, I can open the case and just take the stamp off and place it on my clear block! Must easier. For me, less troublesome.

libbystamps, Stampin' Up, stampinup FYI, if you do this, your words are backwards. No t a big deal. You can see them correctly from the outside!

And, the clear sheets left – a multitude of uses. Keep them!

Enjoy my tip for today.

Happy Stampin’

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