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So my share today really isn’t much of a card share at all.

I was working on my stamp room, again. It’s such a mess!!! Trying to throw stuff away, organize, find missing stamps…….listen to music, drink my wine…..

But, I guess I was ignoring my kitty, Luna.

If you recall in a previous post about my light box, you know mine is self-made in a shelf. Guess that means its ‘shelf-made’, lol!!

Anyway, my cat likes to jump in it and just sit. Only this time, I turned on my lights.

I just had to snap a picture or two –

libbystamps, DIY light boxYep. It’s my cat. In my light box.

I think she was mad –

libbystamps, DIY light box

I just laughed and laughed. That look on her face! Priceless.

My ‘stamp’ was even in the box too!

After I took these photos, I played with her a bit. Guess she’s happy now. She’s sleeping!

Ok, back to my wine, I mean, room….

Happy Stampin’


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