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Tuesday Tips Scrap Paper

Did you know it’s National Craft Month?

Since it is, I’ve decided to share some of my nifty ideas for organizing your craft/stamp room. Previously, I’ve shown my Framelit storage and stamp storage.

Today, I’m sharing how I store my scraps of paper. Either from preparing for a class or just from playing around. I’ve amassed lots of scraps!

I found these really handy stackable 3 drawer trays at The Container Store –


These sit on top of an Ikea table. I have work space in front.

They are dual purpose, as I store some of my 3D items on top.

Initially, I started by placing three or four colors per tray. One tray per color family. You can see that here. I quickly outgrew that! As my stash of sizable scraps grew and grew, I needed more space and decided to invest in one color per tray.

I have each stack for each Stampin’ Up color family. Although, my picture indicates only Neutrals, that’s the only one I ever took the time to label!


I also added a 1/2 circle of each color next to the name of the color. The letter indicates which ‘family’ it’s from. This makes for quick clean up!

Referring back to the top picture, I store markers in one of the extra top drawers and DSP scraps from the Paper Stacks in the other extra drawer. That way, everything that goes with that color family is right there. It works really well for me.

Additionally, (call it whatever you wish, but…..) I have my colors in these trays in a certain numerical order. I have the same color/numerical order for my ink pads and solid color card stock as well. It just makes sense to me.

When the new colors come out with the new catalog, I’ll redo this too. Fun times, let me tell you…..


What I like about these drawers? Size. Each drawer is about 9×12 by 1 inch deep, so that holds lots of paper in various sizes. Durability. These are plastic, but well made. They are enclosed to keep dust out. They stack on one another. You can see I have at least five stacked atop each other. I can place lightweight items on top for display. Price. These are rather pricey. But, they are worth every penny in helping to give a ‘home’ to each color.

My stamp sets from last weeks post are to the left of this paper scrap stack. On the other side of my stamps, in another stack of these drawers are the ‘In-Colors’, current and previous. I have one set per drawer with five color dots on the drawer. Sorry, no photo.

You’ve spent a little time taking in all the information I’ve provided. Please take a bit more time to leave a comment as to what you think about my scrap storage.

Happy Stampin’


12 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips Scrap Paper

  1. I do my scraps in a file cabinet with each color in a different folder. It’s what works for me. I love these just don’t know that I have the room for all of that.

    • You’re right Cheryl, this does take up lots of valuable real estate, especially now, since I’ve added more. A few was nice! But, I do like these.

  2. I have tried to organize scraps using lg zip lock bags. I put a single sheet of CS in the bag for stability and identification. But, it has not been very effective. I LOVE this idea. Thanks, Nancy H

    • Thanks, Nancy! These drawers are wonderful! This is my tie for second favorite storage item in my craft room. First is the stamp case storage from last week.

  3. Thanks for sharing your space! I love to see how others organize their crafts! My hubby built me & my 3 girls a craft room last year & we love it! I look forward to seeing the rest of your space 🙂

    • Thanks Andrea! It’s been sort of difficult to share my space as it’s always being used! I have some nifty ideas that are reasonable in cost that I just had to share! More to come!

  4. Never thought about the container store. Will check them out. Nicely done. Your space looks well put together. tfs

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a lovely comment Carolyn. I seem to find great storage solutions in non-crafty places. More to come.

  5. This is awesome! I use plastic file holders that mount on the wall and each color of scraps has it’s own slot. I do keep them in our giant cello bags so I can grab them quickly, but really, my walls are so crazy looking. The neatness of your system is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing…

    • Thanks Becky for stopping and leaving a comment. I have tried many things as well. This just works for me. I’ll be sharing something new next week!

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