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Tuesday Tips Stamp Organization

Need a nifty tip for today? Then keep reading.

I am asked a lot about my craft room. So, I’ve decided to share some organizational ideas with you. Last week, I showed Framelit storage.

Today, a big one, stamp storage! I have tried several different shelves and bookcases. Ultimately, I don’t like wasted space. It’s space than can be used to store more stuff!

I found these desk top organizers at Target by Closetmaid. On sale, of course! They are 6 Cube Mini Cubicals. I passed these numerous times and wondered if they’d work for stamp storage. And, much to my surprise, they did! I was ecstatic. No wasted space. Above or in front, like normal bookcases. So, I bought several.

Take a lookie, they are full already –


A few reasons why I love these past the no wasted space? Price, on sale or not, affordable on all budgets. Excellent quality when assembling. Nice and sturdy, well designed. The size. They fit nicely on top of a table or countertop. I have 2 stacked here. Color. Mine are white for a cohesive look in my room, but they come in other colors. Capacity. Each ‘cube’ holds 12 of the thinner stamp cases. Times that by 6, that’s 72 stamp sets! Lastly, brackets to secure these to the wall, or to hang them.

As you can see, the larger wood mount cases fit in these as well. I do have a few other items stored in this shelving, until I find another home for them.

I did not take a full picture, but these are sitting on top of Jet Max 6 Cube shelving units with a table top on them. Makes them the perfect height to easily access whatever I need.

My stamps are organized by retired in the top row. The next section, is Mini, Mini Hostess and Sale-a-Bration sets. The the current stamp sets follow in alphabetical order. Last, is the Hostess sets from the main catalog. I have stickers to denote what is what.

I have not taken the plunge to convert all my old wood mount cases to these new style cases. Yet. Those are stacked the old way, on bookcases.

Maybe next week, I’ll show what’s stored on either side of these. Think about it.

Please leave a comment about my storage ideas. Love to hear from my readers!

Happy Stampin’

16 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips Stamp Organization

    • Thanks Donna for taking a look. This way of organizing ‘just makes sense’, to me (and you) at least! I appreciate you taking time to leave a comment. More tips to come.

    • Thanks for taking a look. I appreciate you taking time to leave a comment.

      The colored dots are to indicate which stamps are current, retired, hostess, or from mini catalogs. Then, I’ve added additional dots if those are retired! Talk about OCD….

      More tips to come.

  1. Libby, yes please! i am just getting started organizing my stamps so i would love to see a detailed post about it…lol…with pictures, too

    • Thanks Jill for taking a look. I appreciate you taking time to leave a comment. I will have more info on Tuesdays! Stay tuned.

  2. I have my stamp sets in wire drawers for now but I am definitely going to look into getting these. I love that they are easy to see and will definitely look into DOTS to label them. I have many now and have to go thru them all to find the one I want. And we won’t even talk about the duplicates I have ordered because I didn’t realize I already had that stamp set :-/

    • These cubicles I definitely recommend Cheryl. No wasted space!This was the best money value I have in the room I think. When you do look through your stamp sets, let me know what you have multiples of, I just might *need* them! Happy Organizing!

  3. Thanks for all the storage tips, this is the best one for me so far, such a great price.Thanks for the link too. My club gals will appreciate knowing how to store their stamps also!

    • Thanks so much for taking a look! And, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave comments, Joyce.

      Please share these tips. Especially this one about stamp storage. We all want more money to spend on our obsession hobby, right?

    • You know Linda, you’re right. I am truly passionate about this. It shows in my classes – it’s totally my niche!

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