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Christmas Past

Need a good laugh?

Merry Christmas. Take a look at my share today. It’s my 2013 Christmas card!

I said laugh because the photos are both funny and scary! I managed to find these some time ago – old Christmas photos of my husband and I. Funny we were about the same age. I have always wanted to use them in a card.

This year, with both of our daughters away, one in Boston, the other California, that group picture was near impossible. So, I decided to go for this.

I was stumped on the design. I decided to go with the modern file folder style card and the sort of nostalgic paper from Websters Pages, called Christmas 2013. I really didn’t notice the date on the reverse of the paper until I got home and was trying to come up with something.

This just made the perfect card! I love it. And, we still managed to get out santa pictures for the year too. Maybe I’ll share those.

Have a happy, joyful, Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate, or don’t celebrate, today!

Happy Stampin’





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