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Frosted Peace on Earth

Did you see my post yesterday? Well, it was just lovely! It is here if you did not.

I just kind of threw that card together, but I got several inquiries as to how I made the background. It was very simple.

I used equal parts of Epsom Salt and very hot water. Mix together until the salt dissolves.

I have done this several times, and there always seems to be a few stubborn crystals that don’t want dissolve completely. I have kept this solution in a jar for a few weeks and it still seemed to work just fine. (I was going to do another tree from Lovely As A Tree, but decided to go a different route.)


I placed my embossed card stock on foil before painting it. It seems to make the drying time faster. And, it was how I learned how to do this technique way back when.

I used a nice, thick 1/2″ paint brush to apply this solution. For best results, apply it in one direction without overlapping too much. Nice, even strokes are what you want.

You can see how your image looks after it has been painted with the solution. It curls a bit, but flattens it dries.


As it dries, you can see the crystals form. It took about 15 minutes to dry completely.

ALL DRY! This was my finished beauty after I backed in Silver Glimmer Paper. Gorgeous, right?


Beautiful, isn’t it? And, I took some close-ups of the crystal background too.



I think this is a fabulous technique for adding some interest to any dark embossed image. You should try it. And, let me know how it worked for you.

Happy Stampin’


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