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Back to the Buffet

I decided to post a little more about my Card Buffets I hold.  Yesterday, I showed you my October card choices.

Today I’m showing you my set up. Here, I have all the corresponding boxes to the cards. In each box are the supplies to make that card. Punches, ink pads, whatever is needed. I also have a second sample and directions.


Here is my table with the cutting machines. I have each embossing folder numbered according to which card you use it with and also color coded as to which tab on the Big Shot to use. If not, it confuses people every time. I just like to make it easy. I also had the Magnetic Platform set up this time too.


Here are my boxes containing the supply packets. All the pieces needed to create that card are contained in numbered baggies, I reuse these each month. I score the card bases too. You either get envelopes or make one special sized using the Envelope Punch Board.


On each table is a basket with Diminsionals, bone folder, scissors, Tombow glue, SNAIL adhesive, tape, and a SU glue stick to assemble the card. I have a trash bowl and a container used to clean the stamps. As you can see, red ink stains.


I also serve light refreshments. I prefer the guest to not eat or drink at the tables, but sometimes that’s hard to ask – I don’t want to sound rude by asking them to not eat at the tables.

As guest are making the choices of what cards to make, I do point out supplies used or techniques they will learn by making that card. I do also provide one on one instruction to help people if needed.

I initially had about 20 of the shoes box sized totes. They were about a $1.00 each. I made the board to display my cards on. The cards/projects are attached with a velcro dot to the board. The circles and numbers are also Stampin Up.

I try to use all current products. That’s just me. Although I really should use up some of the retired stock i have. I just feel my guests should get to use new product.

Please comment on my Buffet post – we all love to hear what you think. And, if you have any questions, please shoot me and email and ask!

Happy Stampin’

6 thoughts on “Back to the Buffet

  1. This sounds like a great idea! SO you set this up and they get to make say 3 cards for $X.oo and if they want to make more than 3 do you discount the second set?

  2. Hi Libby. I’ve been reading your Buffet posts with great interest! A couple of questions – when you put all the stamps etc in the box for a particular design, is it just the one set? So does one guest take the set and use it, then hopefully return it, or do you direct them all to sit together and share? Do you sell extra sets for them to take home and complete? And do you limit the number of participants? As a newish SU demo, I don’t have much product yet although I have stamp blocks, inks etc in my stash. Thank you ClareNZ

    • Answers –
      1) I put only the stamps used for the project in the box on blocks ready to go. Lots of times I’ll feature that stamp set in other cards to show all the possibilities. I’ll have a box of ‘stamp sets used today’ to get a feel of what we’re using. I don’t allow for people to change sentiments or anything on the cards. People can omit them if they’d like and use what they at home. I try to offer enough of a selection that they don’t request at different stamp at the Card Buffet class.
      2) My groups knows to put everything back in the boxes. People sit with their friends and go get a box and put it back on the table when finished. Some people will share boxes as the pace of some is slower or faster. I have WONDERFUL ladies who are great sharers!
      3) Minimum card purchase is 4. Some will make extras in the class. I haven’t had anyone buy sets to take home, but that’s just my experience. The leftovers I’ll either use them again, rework them to use again, make them to use or break them down and use the neutral bases another time.
      4) I always seem to have just the right number show up. If I feel a class is heavy, I suggest moving to the other time slot knowing they work better in a less crowded environment.
      I hope I addressed your questions! Please contact me agin if something else comes up!

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