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You Made My Day

Have you tried these new ‘file folder cards’ made using the punch board yet?

I just LOVE them. I made one today to express my gratitude for something that happened on Sunday.

Sunday had started out being just craptacular. No fun, I know. And, I had to work. When I arrived, I was greeted with my Years in Service Award! I was so tickled. I had no idea it had come in. My boss brought me a delicious cupcake and freshly baked cookies as well. (How’d she know I love chewy gooey cookies?) And, she snapped a photo too – so, I just had to share it.

Well, since that turned my day around, I decided to pass it on. I made this file folder card from our Envelope Punch Board and a recycled catalog from the store where I work. I even made a matching envelope using the Envelope Liners Framelits Dies! It’s just too cute.

The ‘pay it forward’, I say because I wrote her a note expressing my gratitude on a separate card inside the file folder. This way, this can be reused yet again to send someone else ‘thanks’!

I love to make cards. I love to make someones day. With just a few Stampin’ Up supplies, you can make someones day in a snap!

Happy Stampin’



2 thoughts on “You Made My Day

  1. Really cute file folder card. I have not done that yet. Gotta get home and try it!! oh, by the way, Congratulations on the ‘years of service’ recognition. Nancy H

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