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Bless You, Baby

It’s been a few day……I know. I’ve been trying to play catch between work and life!

Sadly, I’ve missed a few of my friends/family birthdays over the past few days. And, some card challenges I wanted to try too. Well, life will go on. I sent well wishes to the birthdays I needed to – so, that’s what really is important.

I am sharing a lovely card I was asked to make for a coworker. I just love to do this. She herself is very creative and even comes to my classes from time to time. She is in the middle of a move and wasn’t able to make her own card, so she asked me to make her one.

This is a card for an upcoming Baptism. I didn’t really have a current or retired religious type stamp sets, other than this Crosses of Hope. Perfect! The announcement was in peach colors and gold. I love to be challenged by new colors I do not typically use. I came up with this sort of fancy, yet elegant card and matching envelope. I am very pleased to see how it turned out.

And, so was my coworker. Bless you, baby.

Happy Stampin’




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