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For the Loss of Luna

A longtime childhood friend of mine had a cat named the same thing as our cat, Luna. Bonnie’s Luna, passed away on Tuesday.

Being a pet lover and empathizing with their loss, I am saddened. She would always post pictures and videos of Luna and her other pets – and, yes, she has a child – so, it was like you knew them. It has been very sweet to see these kinds of things. Up until the last video, she showed a sweet, caring love for her Luna.

She is at peace now. She can rest comfortably.

My ‘paw’ card is not a new idea. It’s new for me, because I never made one. Sad that the loss of a pet inspired this, but make one of these before you need one of these. Pets are our family too.  And, as with any sympathy card, not really a joy to make.

This, So Sorry stamp set is a must have to make any sympathy/caring card. It should be on your stamp shelf.

Rest peacefully, Luna.

Happy Stampin’



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