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Chevron Bag Card Holder

I’m confused. Chevron, what?

You know the cute little paper printed bags Stampin’ Up has on page 158 of the 2013-2014 Idea Book & catalog, The Tag a Bag Gift Bags? They have this neat chevron printing on them. I love these. They are inexpensive and great for lots of things.

I got real creative with mine and totally repurposed them. I needed to come up with an over the top shoe box swap project for a retreat i went to before Convention. I was stumped. But, not for long. I came up with this clever idea of making a cute little accordion style holder to hold four 3×3 cards and matching envelopes!

Scroll and take a lookie.

Adorbs, right? The first picture shows the actual 3×3 cards with a part of the card front from the bags. The next picture shows the holder and the cards.  Plus, look closely. See the envelopes? They are the lined with the printed bags too! The last picture shows the holder from the side. Very cool what you can do with some envelopes, huh?

I used a variety of products in a creative, non traditional way. Other products are from the new Holiday Mini. It’s awesome.

In a nutshell, what holds the 3×3 cards are envelopes from the Notecard & Envelope Set. They are a bit smaller than the envelopes for a standard 5.5×4.25 card. If you would like directions, I can get them to you. Just email me.

I think this turned out fantastic. Hope you like it too.

Happy Stampin’




8 thoughts on “Chevron Bag Card Holder

  1. Love it! I certainly would like your directions for making the holder from the note card envelopes. Thanks in advance.

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