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You’re in my Thoughts

A somber, meaningful post today.

I’m taking time out to reflect on the fond memories of my dear Aunt Mary. It has been a year since her passing. I was very fortunate to be able to spend time with her during her last months of life. She was truly a remarkable person. I miss her dearly. Her spunk. Her positive attitude. Her memory of the past.

Her room was painted purple. Purple reminds me of her.

I digress for a moment. You might recognize this card for several reasons. I had an almost identical one at my July Card Buffet. It was also my one and only Convention swap – you are lucky if you received it.  And, most recently, it was my team meeting swap.

I never use a card design for such multiple reasons. Never. But, this one I did. It’s special.

My aunt lived a very modest life. She enjoyed life. Her faith, family, food and fun were most important to her.

She was an avid recycler and believed in nothing going to waste. Hence this card. I wanted to create something in her memory and this was sitting right in front of me. It spoke to me. So, a little addition of another sentiment and a little tweaking of the flowers. I have created the perfect card, repurposed, in her memory.

I will wear purple today as I usually do when I am thinking of her.

Happy Stampin’




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