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You CAN Do It

You can.

You can do it.

And, you will do it.

I was going to make my daughter Emily a card to wish her luck today. And, getting back into the stampin’ swing I was sort of at a loss as to what direction to go in.

Emily went to an all arts high school. She looks at my cards from a different perspective than most. She’ll probably tell you different, but she just sees different things.

Anyway, I remembered a few sketches that I had pinned are coming due soon. So, I decided to go with the one from Case This Sketch.  Pop over and take a look at #38, then, of course, come back and look at my take on it.

Interesting sketch, huh?

I choose shades of blue because they are calming. Not to mention, blue is her favorite color. This card has a very retro feel to it. The colors and the rounded one-sided corners give it a certain 60’s vibe. Wouldn’t you agree? That is also perfect for her. She loves is passionate about music from the 60’s!

So, you did it Emily? Right?

Happy Stampin’



3 thoughts on “You CAN Do It

  1. Great card- It was deja vu when I posted my first card today and was preparing for my second post, as it is the same colours, but in reverse and with glitter- great minds, I guess! :0)

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