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April Card Buffet

Card Buffet, what’s that? Well, my style of monthly card classes is a ‘buffet’. I make anywhere from 6-10 projects, cards, favors, 3-d items that you can make. Below is a picture of my April board. Just a variety of upcoming special days, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Father’s Day, Teacher and a Birthday card.

You choose. I have all the cards components pre-cut, scored and bagged. Ready to assemble. All the supplies to make each card is in a numbered box. I also have a table with 2 Big Shots set up for anything that requires the use of those. It works for me. And, more importantly, it works for my customers. They love being able to ‘chose’ what they get to create based on what cards they need!

So, this explains no posting on Sunday. Card Buffets require lots of preparation. I design everything. I cut everything. I clean my house. I bake yummy treats to serve. If you live near me, come out to one of my Buffets. It’s a little stampin’ YOU time!

Happy Stampin’



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