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Coffee Time

Need a little coffee? I left this for my sweetie when I went for work this morning.

See, we used to have one of those ‘old fashion’ coffee makers, you know the ones you have put the grounds in a filter and turn it on. It can make a pot of coffee for an army, or a burnt 2nd cup for one? We would set coffee for one another and it just needed to be turned on to brew. Well, he got me one of those nifty brew one cup at a time fancy coffee makers. The ones that hold those lovely eco-friendly plastic cups? Lol. Well, it’s kind of difficult to ‘set’ coffee for each other anymore. Until now.

With the nifty  1 3/4″ Circle Punch you can create a holder for the plastic cup and then rest it in a coffee mug! Done. But,  you can add a card, right? Just look at the pictures below. The ensemble is sweet. (Side note, the pictures were taken while it was still dark. Quality, not the best. But, you get the idea, right?)

The little envelope for the card came straight from the Sale-a-Bration brochure, paper and all. I totally missed the envelope. I stared at it a few times and then realized just what the envelope was made with. The Scallop Envelope Bigz Die! It was just glued a little differently. Very cool.

My Bigz dies have been really feeling neglected since the Framelits have come along. I know. I miss using them too. They have become a bit dusty.

I will be making more of these coffee set ups. They are too cute. And, really, what a great thing to wake up to, right?

Happy Stampin’






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