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Dallas Regional SWAPS

Did you attend the Stampin’ Up Regional in Dallas this past weekend? I did. I hope you were lucky enough to receive one of my adorable SWAPS.

I made 3. That was incredible considering the week I had prior. And, of course, I made multi-step cards too! Nothing like staying up the night before in the hotel finishing up swaps! Thanks Nancy and Carolyn!

I wanted to show off something a little different, maybe unexpected. I went with the Single Stamp Set Assortments 3 & 4. And, I wanted to make something that reminded me of my girls.

Hello, Foxy because my oldest daughter seems to like foxes. She’s had a few stuffed animals and such. It looks just one of them. Just made me smile!

Sunshine because my other daughter, I have always referred to as my sunshine. So, when I saw this one – I was all over it.

So, hence the two heat embossed beauties! I got lots of positive comments about those and the mini pennant card I made.

So, please, if you received one of them, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Swappin’





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