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Tuesday Tips

About todays stamping tip, I have seen some talk about this on other people’s blogs and crafty sites, but here is my simple and quick take on Stampin’ Up’s new Adorning Accents Edgelit Dies.

First off, these little thin strip Edgelit Dies are fabulous! They make such a neat and clean decorative cut to the edge of your paper or card. Great for layering.

The only thing is – they tend to slide around if you are not careful how you use them. To avoid this, you can secure the Edgelit Die down to your paper or DSP with Dotto, drafting tape/dots or painters tape. After you have ran it thru the Big Shot, carefully remove the tape or dots as not to tear your paper.

Sometimes, if you are not careful, even though you taped the Edgelit Die down, it can be a little ‘off’ or crooked on the edge of your card.

I have a double fix for both. I started with a new, unused set of Standard Cutting Pad for my Big Shot, (the shorter ones). I adhered, face up, to one side of each, a piece of Grid Paper. This gives me my perfect alignment. I just used gift tape and a little Snail. I then added to the other side of the Cutting Pad, the Edgelit Die towards the bottom edge. I used my newly placed grid paper for placement. I used a little Sticky Strip for the adhesion. (I chose Sticky Strip, and a little bit, for easy removal with my un-do. Works like a charm!!) See here –


In the first picture, you can see the grid paper on the back/underside of the Cutting Plate and on top, the Edgelit Die turned over with the small amount of thin adhesive applied (and, my shadow of taking the picture, LOL!). In the second picture, I attached the Edgelit Die at the bottom of the Cutting Pad.

I did the same for the other Edgelit Die. For the other part of the ‘sandwich’, well, I just have extra plates.

When I run the card stock or DSP through, I STILL add a little light stick tape or Dotto to keep my card stock or DSP in place.

This technique really seemed to help out. And, it made for no guesswork at my Stamp Class.

Happy Stampin’




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