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Tuesday Tips

Ok, so these comments, called TIPS, are usually because something SPARKED them, like a lightbulb going off I guess. So, this tips is no different.

If you like to always know just what supplies you use for projects, then make sure you have the item or code or name written on the item (if possible), or use a label maker, or cut the name from the packaging. Just label it – somehow!!

This is REALLY helpful if you teach classes or post to a blog in which you need to share what supplies you used to create the project.

So, like punches for example, write the name of the punch on the bottom of it. It would be hidden, but easily found if need be. I have lots of Martha Stewart punches that I have NO idea what the names are. And, it is too much trouble to go find out……

Gee, why didn’t I think of this sooner???? I have SO many unmarked, great punches!

Happy Stampin’




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