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Thankful for……

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yes, a few days late. But, I was enjoying the time away.

I made a banner as I always do. See –

And, my table setting. Well, place setting. In the back is what is important. And, flowers I arranged for myself –

The banner in the background was supposed to be in Hillary’s Thanksgiving box to Japan. It was sitting right there on the table as I over taped the box up!!! I was so upset about forgetting to pack it. I always make/send her a banner…….

Going on. My fabulous dinner. Including THE turkey!

And, a picture of my mom and Emily –

I really did not take any other photos to share. Whine.

I was busy cleaning – yes, on Thanksgiving. Cooking – so worth it. Entertaining – it’s what I like love to do.

I am blessed to have heard from my brother in California, which totally made my day. Cook a full spread of food that turned out perfect (I am not one to cook). And, had great company with my husband Ed, daughter Emily, my mother and my brother, (who both live just a few miles away but we don’t take the time out to see one another).

I am blessed this Thanksgiving –


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