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Tuesday Tips

I do not like to waste my card stock because I adhered it wrong. And, I have been known to do this on several occasions. As, I’m sure you have. Well, what do you do to correct the mis-adhesions (is that even a word??)?

This stuff –

I could not live without UnDo.

No, Stampin’ Up does not sell it.

But, it is a MUST HAVE for any papercrafter. It works on our Mono, Sticky Strip, Glue Dots, Dotto, Stampin’ Dimensionals – basically, any non ‘glue’ such as Tombow. Beauty of this wonder product, you can re-adhere what you just undid after it dries. It leaves NO residue on your card stock, paper, or photograph! Seriously. It neutralizes the adhesive so you can undo the bond. Sweet stuff I tell you! 

It is found at specialty scrapbook stores and on-line for less that $10. Worth every penny. Works on photographs too. Without damage to them! Removes stickers, gum…..a bunch of stuff!

Happy Stampin’


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