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Baby Girls are Charming

Last week I had a baby shower to attend. It was for one of my downlines, Mandi! They are expecting a girl and big brother Seth is soo excited.

I was trying to decide just *what* to get her. So, I decided that most everyone *loves* jewelry. And, James Avery at that! I got *her* something as opposed to baby Abby something, that will come later.

I gave her a necklace –

In the picture, it’s kind of difficult to tell, but the charm is a heart that reads, “It’s a Girl”. Tried to photograph it several times……

Our Circle Treat Cups are a *perfect* way to disguise James Avery items! There is an access when the card is opened to get to the necklace. I forgot to take a picture of it. Mmmm, sorry. The card was quickly made using stuff from my stash boxes of supplies.

Congrats on Abby in the making. Looking forward to meeting her!

Happy Stampin’



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