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Tuesday Tips

So, as I was snapping pictures for my 12 Weeks of Gift Card ideas ’til Christmas, I thought I would pause to show where  I take most of my pictures for my blog.

First off, I wanted a *light box* for my birthday a few years ago. I explained, “…..you know, one of those box things to put my stuff in and take pictures of for my blog.,…It has lights and all”.

Well, google *light box* and all sorts of things come up. Mainly, pricey, tent like structures with lights…ect. What also comes up is what I ended up receiving. A light box. You know, one of those clear, sort of flat box that is back-lit to trace or emboss.

Eh, felt SO bad – but, it would not help me for my purpose.

So, my dear sweet husband surprised me a few weeks later with an awesome, professional, huge, portable, LIGHT TENT! I was SO thrilled. Yes, that’s what I was looking for.    

Now, every time I go to take pictures of my creations, I have to drag this unit out. (As if my stuff is not already all over the house, I have more to add….) And, I use it on the floor because it is rather large.

I decided I needed something a little more, mmm, user-friendly. A little more “…ok, card is finished – take a picture – blog about it – done…” without the extra time and effort.

So, look what I made –

It is in a shelf!  It’s a sheet of poster board and a $5.00 light from Ikea!!!!

This is a little closer view with the light on –

WOW! Nifty, right?

It is SO convenient. It’s in my book-case, at my eye level (I’m short), right behind where I create most of the time!

I’m telling you, you have to make one of these!

And, thanks honey, I still like the ones you gave me!

Happy Stampin’



3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips

    • Let me know how that goes- and how user friendly it is. I love my big, professional light box – but, I cant beat the convenience of this one!

  1. This has to be one of the most genius ideas I’ve seen in a LONG time!!!! i think I might have to go home and clear one of my cubes from my IKEA shelf and do this! Love it, thanks so much for sharing!

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