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Tuesday Tips

Fan of the Big Shot? Me too! I just love all the nifty things you can do with it.

And, you’ve been following my 12 Weeks of Gift Card Ideas ’til Christmas, haven’t you? So, in that case, I must have inspired you to start creating gift cards and those handmade Christmas cards, right? I thought so.

Will yours have a photo of your family? Or maybe your pet (they make adorable Christmas cards)?

We have a wide variety of dies for our Big Shot I’m sure you’ve noticed. But, did you know that you can use them to cut out your photos too?

Make yourself a template by choosing the finished *shape* of the photo, let’s say the Top Note. Start by cutting a piece of cardboard or use the left over white back piece from an old DSP paper pack (that is really nice light weight card board). Cut it to the outer dimensions of the die. Use masking tape (for easy removal) to tape the card board to 2 sides of the die, perpendicular sides, not across from one another. That helps to create a *stop* when you put your photo in. Now, run it through the Big Shot.

Remove the cutout inside, in this case, the Top Note, being careful not to disturb the taped *frame*.  

Now, slide a photo underneath the taped frame. Align the photo as you want to see it after it is cut. (You may have to trim it a bit to make it fit under your frame.)

Run it through the Big Shot. Look, you have just created a photo shaped like the Top Note! This frame will work for several passes. You just might have to reinforce your tape.  

With this, you can mount it on top of your card stock or DSP. Your possibilities are endless!

When you are through, simply remove your taped frame. It should not harm the die in any way.

Happy Stampin’


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