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Tuesday Tips

Most of my *tips* or Tuesday ideas directly come from something that I am making at the time. This tip was prompted by my most recent, 12 Weeks of Gift Card Ideas ’til Christmas, which comes out on Sundays.

Whenever I have a used up or *dead* gift card, I save it. I write in a permanent pen – an X or slash – something to indicate on the back that it’s no longer usable. The front I like to keep pretty.

I save it to use in my classes as a *test fit* as everyone makes their projects when we are making gift cards. Plastic is a little thicker than card stock and you need to allow for that sometimes. I’m just sayin’……….

Personally, I used them as I am designing my *gift card* projects. And, occasionally, I have went to a store and just asked if I could have an unloaded, blank gift card!

Well, I might have encouraged you to keep just one more thing – but, heck, this is a useful re-purpose!

Happy Stampin’



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