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Tuesday Tips

(Sorry, I’ve been out of pocket – gettin’ childrens off to school & off to studyin’ abroad!)

I just receive a stamp order the other day. I’m soo excited about my new stuff – I don’t know where to begin…….I’ll begin with this extended post on comparing our new Simply Scored Scoring Tool, below, with other scoring boards.


Simply Scored  - by Stampin' Up!

There are, let’s say, 2 other well-known scoring boards out there. And, I have them, as well as a *buddy* to one of them. The following are random questions I came up with, along with my opinions.

1. Surface area for scoring

SUSS is angled down. Allows your paper to stay in place as you score.

SP – flat

MS – flat

2. Scoring channel

SUSS – thin

SP – wide, which make wider score lines

MS – thin

3. Scoring  tool

SUSS – metal stylus with a grip in the center, does NOT wear down

SP – plastic-like bone folder that wears down

MS – plastic-like bone folder that wears down

4. Score tool location for storage

SUSS – bottom

SP – top right, snaps out

MS – store in top drawer

5. Line/score markings

SUSS – every 1/4 inch

SP  – every 1/2 inch, some closer

MS – every 1/4

6. Bottom of board

SUSS – has rubber, non slip feet, does not move

SP – none, or mine have worn down

MS – has some, but mine still moves

7. Storage area

SUSS – lots, a deep top slot

SP – none

MS – top, narrow

8. Accuracy

SUSS – very good

SP – not good

MS – very good

Some random thoughts –

SUSS has placement pegs to remember frequent score places. SP has them permanently marked at the top.

SUSS has ruler markings at the top as well as center out ruler markings.

All 3 compared score accurate if the paper is held steady.

SP and MS come with ideas on scoring projects, cards. MS comes with a 45 degree triangle for making envelopes.

All 3 are great for papers up to 12×12.

SP is priced at $39.95, on-line and can be found at some scrap stores. MS is $19.99 and found readily at local craft stores and on-line. Stampin’ Up Simply Scored is $29.95 can only be purchased through a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator

My least favorite is the SP, because it seems a bit outdated. MS comes in second. Favorite is the Stampin’ Up Simply Scored hands down!

Hope this helps you sort out the Scor-Pal, Martha Stewart score board and the Stampin’ Up Simply Scored.

What are your thoughts?

Happy Stampin’


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips

  1. It’s a great article …. and also the Martha Stewart has a good size
    tool storsge at the top and it is on the top side …. SU one opens from the top

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